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  4. "Finally got a chance to sit down with the project, bro. Fascinating way to embrace the digital platform for releasing music. I think you’ve created a method of doing so all your own, which says something about you right off the bat. Furthermore, it’s good music. The juxtaposition of its raw organic soul with its lo-fi electronic feel is dope, if that makes sense to you. Your concepts are thoughtful and well executed. The short length of the tracks often leaves you wanting more … maybe some elaboration (which ultimately isn’t a bad thing). It really is like an audible journal, which is interesting — seemingly random at first, yet cohesive in its overall tone and theme. Good work, bro! Curious to see where you go from here."
    — Bred Wondah on Audio Journaling: Unkempt (via iareconscious)
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  6. "Listened to the audio journal this weekend. I like the concept and execution. Very fresh for Hip-Hop. I also appreciate that for someone who has seen many transitions in the music and culture that your subject and flows still sound current and not like you’re stuck in a time period. #kudos"
    —  @SirSoSoon
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  8. Ankhle @Conscious - audio journaling- #unkempt - It Figures (BW) [Bonus Video]

    Download full project for $1.33 http://iareconscious.bandcamp.com/album/audio-journaling-unkempt

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